Mickey Mouse Ears and Security Threats

2 Mar

 Disney World was wonderful and amazing. It brought back so many memories of being a child and things I’d forgotten about. I loved watching my boys having fun. Plus it was nice to be where the weather wasn’t -49 with windchill.


Then there is all the other not so amazing wonderful things in between. Like having a random flagging on my boarding pass to check me for extra security. Right. Me?! A stay a home mom is a security threat to the United States. I was given the option of pat down or scan. I chose the pat down because in no way do I want people looking at me naked. I don’t even want to see me naked. It’s an awkward question to be asked, “Would you like a pat down or scan”. I asked which was less humiliating I was told that it’s not humiliating. Right if you are not the one having to have either. Then I told the security lady to choose for me. Pat me down or look at me naked?  Now who was the one feeling awkward? I don’t think she was expecting me to say that.  So twice before getting onto the plane I was patted down by two very nice ladies. I’m guessing my boobs were a security treat. The flight was fine going to Florida I got to stop in Chicago and see the outskirts of the city. It would have been nice to tour around the city of Al Capone. Maybe I could have found his family and got restitution for my Great Grandmothers dead dog?

Florida is a warm and welcoming place. I love it there. I would move to Florida in an instant just for the weather alone. Or anywhere it’s warm. I’m not picky just as long I don’t have to suffer through shoveling snow in sub-zero temperatures. The only thing though is my kids and I may be allergic to Florida. The first day we were there the boys got a rash. A strange rash that would come and go the days we were there. That was fun. The second day at Disney World my eyes started bugging me. I thought maybe I had been wearing my contacts too long. By the time I got back to the hotel I couldn’t stop rubbing my eyes. They were so itchy! The next day though was better I bought some allergy eye drops which helped. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to survive the rest of the trip. Funny the only time my eyes bothered me was when I was in Magic Kingdom. Could it be possible I am allergic to Disney World? I hope not!


The night before we were to go to Magic Kingdom my oldest son and I had a serious talk about dreams. He had a bad dream while there I did my best to console him and tell him that dreams are not real they are just imagination and they can’t come true. The next day we drive to Disney World and of course it says right underneath the sign, “Where Dreams Come True”. Poor kid! Now he’s going to think that scary crazed dogs are really going to come and attack him.

Coming home was sad. Both boys cried when we woke them up to leave. I cried a little on the inside too. It was back to life, reality and some seriously fucking cold weather but first we had to go to 2 other cities. Some where between Atlanta and Toronto our luggage was lost. Thanks Air Canada! You. Are. Awesome. In Atlanta our seats were not together so we got that fixed.  The flight attendant was going to leave me the job of telling the other passengers that they have new seats. Yeah, I don’t think so. That wasn’t going to happen. Luckily the other flight attendant told her that wasn’t the passengers job and to act professional. Take that lady!

Once we arrived in Toronto we see that our seats are all over the place. No one was sitting together. I would have enjoyed a break and felt sorry for the person who had to sit next to my 4-year-old if they hadn’t been able to change our seats but only a little bit. We had to get the seating changed. Air Canada really needs to get their shit together and maybe hire some new ticket agents because it’s really not my job to tell people, “Yes I am in your seat.” and, “No my 4-year-old isn’t going to sit on my lap for a 3 hour flight.”  Again not my job Air Canada!

We truly did have a great time and have many wonderful memories. Like going down Splash Mountain just one more time. Or almost having a heart attack on Space Mountain while my 6-year-old behind me is having the time of his life. Or seeing the world’s most active 4-year-old completely enthralled with and not moving an inch while watching the Finding Nemo play. You can’t pay for memories like that. Well, yes you can. You just have to pay an arm and a leg to get there but it’s worth the money. I loved every minute of it even if we came home completely sunburnt and with no luggage.

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