Cast Iron Maiden

I love food and enjoy cooking.  I think that if I were a chef or a ‘cook’ I would call myself the Cast Iron Maiden. The reason, I love using cast iron. It’s what I use to make my pancakes. It’s the first frying pan I used when learning to cook at 12 years old. My Dad was the one who taught me to cook over the phone. He would call me from work and tell me what to make and how to make it. Another reason is my grandmother has a set beautiful cast iron enamel pots she has owned for years. If I inherit anything from her I hope it’s those. I love them. I even recently bought myself a cast iron dutch oven which I used for soups.

I enjoy finding  new recipes and making them for my family. What I especially love is baking. Something delicious and wonderful always comes out of baking. I remember the first pie I made was blueberry. It was love at first bite. My weakness is anything made with pastry dough.

What I would really love to be able to do is just create dishes out of things from my fridge and pantry. That is a talent. I envy those who can create meals that way. I will post some of my favourite recipes on my blog. In the meantime here are a few of my favourite food bloggers!


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