Lego cares about your health, kinda.

30 Apr

If your kids are like my kids, then your kids have a shit-ton of Lego, and it’s all over the effing place. In the fridge, in the bathroom. EVERYWHERE. Someone once said sparkles are herpes of the craft world. I have no idea what one would categorize Lego as? I would say it should be categorized under torture devices because, seriously, stepping on a piece of Lego is the absolute worst thing ever. I wonder why Lego is not used to extort information from criminals? The police would get a lot of information from criminals by making them walk on those torture bricks.

Aside from being the evil nemesis of parent’s feet, the Lego brand really does care about the health of its customers. A couple of months ago, I took my youngest to the Lego store. While I was at the store I found Lego brick salt and pepper shakers, which I bought. My boys loved the new shakers. They are cute and are easy to find in my spice cupboard because male refrigerator blindness is not just limited to the fridge. The Lego brick salt and pepper shakers are great for the kids to use on their own because the salt and pepper don’t pour out too fast causing food to become over saturated with either. Unless atherosclerosis is a goal of yours, then I do not recommend you to buy these.



3 Responses to “Lego cares about your health, kinda.”

  1. Renee myers May 1, 2015 at 8:29 pm #

    Why do you think I saved Chris’s Lego for you?? Lol

  2. mechelle May 2, 2015 at 5:25 am #

    You think legos are bad, you obviously have not stepped on a Barbie shoe at three in the morning on your way to the bathroom. Just saying.

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