Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby.

12 Feb

My children, especially one, have seemed to master the art of embarrassing me. I must say though, they’ve learned from the best. I’m fantastically great at embarrassing myself and husband. He’s always worried about what I’ll say and what I’ll do. So naturally my kids are much like me in that way.

Lucky for them most of what they say I just take with a grain of salt. They are who they are. Their Mother’s children. Unfortunately though they have learned that embarrassment can be a form of punishment. Many mornings have I threatened to walk them into their class room, while in my pajamas and messy hair, if they didn’t stop fighting. So one particular day last week my son may or may not have intentionally tried to embarrass me because he wanted to go home.

My youngest son likes to play at the playground after school with his friend. His older brother has to tag along and usually wants to go home. He likes his routine, and after a full day at school he needs to unwind. I get it. Usually while my youngest is playing with his friend, I talk to the friend’s Dad comparing parenting issues. On this particular day, we were talking about the kids weaseling their way into parents beds in the middle of the night. Because every other parent can relate, that when there is a kid in the bed there is no restful sleep. Elbows in the eyes, little feet in the kidneys, and hovering on the edge of the bed because they have pushed you to the point of almost falling off the bed.

My oldest likes to hover. It may not seem like he’s listening, but he is. Unfortunately, he decided to listen in on the conversation we were having. Mid conversation, my wonderful and darling son, decided to chime in with, “My Mom and Dad have sex in their bed all the time.”

. . . .

My reaction was shock. My reply was to tell him that was not proper to say. As I look over I see the friend’s Dad hiding his face in the collar of his jacket, TOTALLY losing it.

I think it was at that point I decided it was definitely time to go home.


One Response to “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby.”

  1. Renee February 12, 2014 at 12:37 pm #

    Out of the mouths of babes!!

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