Ultimate Mom Tip, From Your Charming Canadian Housewife:

17 Jan

If you have kids like mine, they will search high and low to find the thing/candy I’ve taken away and hidden. They’ve figured out MOST of my hiding spots. Not all, but most. It doesn’t help that one of my kids is of the Aspie mind, so thinking outside of the box is his thing.  He has one upped me on somethings, but not this . . .

Recently I’ve had to take away video game remotes and hide it, due to the kids not following rules and not getting ready for school when asked. I hid the remotes where they would never look. IN THEIR ROOM! Because really, why would they look there? Sometimes the best hiding spots are right under your nose. The trick with this though is to never let the kids know you’ve hidden their own things in their rooms. Otherwise you’ll never be able to hide it there again.

If you have an Ultimate Mom Tip please share because really, we are all in this together. Am I right, parents?

One Response to “Ultimate Mom Tip, From Your Charming Canadian Housewife:”

  1. Renee January 17, 2014 at 10:33 pm #

    You are one smart cookie!!

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