Laughter, at times inappropriate, truly is the best medicine.

17 Oct

I was sitting in my home office this morning, getting my class notes ready, when I hear the front door being unlocked. I wondered why my husband was home this time in the morning. Maybe he forgot something he needed for work? This is what transpired when he walked in, to the best of my recollection:

Me: Hey. . . .

Chris, totally freaking out: Where were you?! Where is Kid1?!

*Kid1 is our oldest kid*

Me, kind of freaked out : At school.

Him, still flipping out: Where was your cell phone?! Why didn’t you answer the phone? I get a call from the school saying Kid1 isn’t in school, and they can’t get a hold of you!

Me: I was AT the school, with Kid1 in talking to the Vice Principal.

Him: Why didn’t you have your phone with you?!

Me: I was in a rush getting the kids to school.

Him: Can you understand how upset I am right now?!

Me: Yes.

I then start laughing. He storms off to upstairs. He later comes back down to leave, so he can go back to work.

Him: I don’t even know why you have a phone? Whenever I try to get a hold of you, you either don’t have it or have it off.

Me; untimely giggling: I forgot it! I didn’t think I needed it!

Him: I was driving 80 down the street!

I then get a picture of him driving down the road like a madman. I start laughing again.

Me, as I cover my mouth with my hands: I’m not laughing!

He storms out the front door to get back to work.

The school hadn’t realized Kid1 and I were in a meeting with the schools V.P., so they tried getting a hold of my husband. I hadn’t expected to go in for that quick meeting. I also hadn’t expected my husband to come storming into the house, freaked out. I  couldn’t help but laugh. What else do you expect me to do? I deal with so much stuff on a daily basis, I can’t worry and get stressed out about that stuff. As one friend pointed out, my worrying is WHY I’m on medication. She told me to blame my laughter on the meds., and offer my husband some. Which I have at one point, but he didn’t find that funny.

2 Responses to “Laughter, at times inappropriate, truly is the best medicine.”

  1. Grandpa October 17, 2013 at 3:24 pm #

    I can see it. But then the panic of “Him” is unsettling. Still Funny!

  2. Renee Myers October 20, 2013 at 11:50 pm #

    I can totally relate!! Like Mother like son…what can I say??

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