Sooke baby!

1 Jun

Finally I found some time to write this post. I was originally working on a post about being married to my husband Chris for 10 years but things took a different turn. Chris kept mentioning that on the weekend of our anniversary he had something special planned. I figured it was some spa thing. As the week wore on he kept dropping hints. His big one was I didn’t know where I was going and for how long. So on our anniversary night while out for dinner he told me what I already had figured out. We were heading to Vancouver Island and dropping the kids off on the mainland with my parents! I didn’t know but he had been planning this for months.  Who freaking knew! He had to sneak around to do it. I was impressed.

The next day off we flew to my home province of beautiful British Columbia. We left the kids at my parents house and drove to Sooke on Vancouver Island. We stopped at a local pub for lunch then made our way to the Sooke Harbour House. And it was glorious. Our room was amazing. We stayed in The Driftwood Room. When checking in they had a jar of cookies, at the elevator there was a jar of cookies and in our room were cookies. Yes I was in cookie heaven. Or I would have been if I didn’t already eaten so much food at the pub. As well as having cookies in our room we had a bottle of port.

After touring the grounds we went up to have an amazing 4 course meal where I stuffed myself to the point I couldn’t move. Literally couldn’t move. I was almost sick from the amount of food I ate. But it was so worth it. Everything was fresh and in season. The sea food tasted like it came right out of the water and onto my plate. Delicious!


I was so full at this point but kept going.

 After dinner was a walk along the beach and then back to our room to enjoy our hot tub (apparently not a time machine), the ocean and some port. I can’t even begin to tell you how relaxing it was to sit outside and listen to the ocean.


View from our room


The next morning they brought breakfast to our room and again got to sit outside and listen to the ocean. While Chris relaxed after breakfast I did the edible garden tour. We even had a rosemary bush outside our room. Everything planted around the House was edible. After our stay at The Harbour House and a quick tour of Sooke we headed to Victoria where we did some sight seing and more eating. We went to The Sticky Wicket then to Big Bad John’s for drinks all at the Strathcona Hotel. One could really lose their bra in that place.

The trip was the most wonderful surprise present I could ever ask for. Thank you Chris. I can’t wait for our next trip! 

View from our Victoria hotel room


2 Responses to “Sooke baby!”

  1. Nicholas Collins June 3, 2011 at 2:30 am #

    Sooke sure is beautiful, I’ve been here nearly two years now. Hope you’ve recovered from your food binge! 😀

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